Dec 2005


Compounding in Ophthalmology: Know the Risks

Compounding serves an important function but clinicians share responsibility to determine quality.


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Your Asset Protection May Be Obsolete

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 has changed the rules in some important ways.

Avoid Financial Gridlock In a Group Practice

How to accommodate varying financial interests in a group practice.

Turn Patient No-Shows Into ‘All-Shows’

Follow-up with patient no-shows can offer a wealth of information.

Technology Update

Better Outcomes; Better Health?

Efficient removal of laser plume could be good for both you and your patient.

A Treatment for Adult Amblyopia

By exercising subjects’ ability to spot low-contrast targets, a new treatment may significantly improve contrast sensitivity.

A Digital Cheat Sheet For Glaucoma Exams

Put the strengths of computers—memory and math—to work for you in the glaucoma exam lane.

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Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

Vitrectomy: When and How Size Matters

Recent advances have dramatically changed the approach to retinal surgery.

The AMD/Cataract Surgery Connection

Have studies conducted to date established a definitive link?

Management Options for Macular Edema

Many strategies have been used to manage macular edema, with varying degrees of success.

Glaucoma Management

The Future of Glaucoma As a Subspecialty

Top specialists discuss the public-health consequences of fewer glaucoma fellows — and what can be done to avoid this.

Assembling the Pieces of the Puzzle

A specialist offers her insights on making the most of current glaucoma technology.

Perimetry: Choosing New Technology

A surgeon offers advice on which new perimetry tools make the most sense for today’s clinical practice.

Therapeutic Topics

Heighten Dry-Eye Situational Awareness

A look at the environmental factors that can exacerbate dry-eye signs and symptoms.

Refractive Surgery

Reducing Wavefront Retreatment Rates

Wavefront makes retreatments less common, but there are other steps that the surgeon and staff can take to get it right the first time.

Be Ready for These Surface Complications

Though surface procedures sidestep some of LASIK’s problems, they’re not without pitfalls.

The Epi-LASIK Flap: Take It or Leave It?

Just because a procedure's new doesn't mean there can't be a new way of performing it.

How to Approach LASIK Like an Expert

Surgeons share their tips from the growing bank of LASIK knowledge.

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