Practice Management

How Practices Are Making Private Equity Work

Any partnership can have its ups and downs, but so far, ophthalmologists seem to say it’s working out.

Is The “Shiny and New” Right for You?

Expert advice and food for thought when considering the purchase of a new, expensive piece of equipment for your practice.

Practice Makes Perfect: Staff Management

Experts in ophthalmic practice management weigh in on how training and retaining staff are major parts of managing a successful office.

Counteracting Declining Reimbursements

How cataract surgeons can take advantage of advanced technologies and products to build a better patient experience and boost their bottom line.

Running a Practice in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

Ophthalmologists are getting creative to address staffing shortages and to find new ways to add revenue.

Tools to Lighten the Prior Authorization Load

Physicians and staff spend almost 13 hours per week on PAs, according to the AMA. Here are six tools that could help.

Managing the Upcoming Provider Shortage

As the number of patients grows and the number of ophthalmologists drops, trouble may lie ahead. Doctors and experts weigh in.

How to Develop Your Own Instruments

From concept to patent to finding a manufacturer—here’s how to get started in the world of custom instruments.

Outfitting Your Practice for the Future

Of all the pandemic-induced changes, which will become part of the new normal’s modus operandi?