July 2024


Point-Counterpoint: LASIK vs. SMILE

Surgeons debate the precision and efficacy of these two refractive procedures.

IOL Calculation for Unusual Eyes

Using newer-generation formulas is the key for hitting your refractive targets, surgeons say.

Going Green in Ophthalmology

Pharmaceutical companies and surgeons are working towards more sustainable eye care.

New Approaches to the Cataract Drug Protocol

Proponents say these protocols are less expensive and improve patient compliance.


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Retinal Insider

Best Practices for Treating CSCR

Tips for diagnosing and managing this common, yet challenging, condition.

Refractive/Cataract Rundown

The Moving Target of Hyperopia

Correcting hyperopes comes with its own unique challenges. Here’s advice on treatment strategies.

Glaucoma Management

Exploring Anesthesia Options

The safest approaches for tubes, trabs and MIGS, and how verbal anesthesia can help.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

Keys to Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis

Expert advice for diagnosing and managing this inflammatory condition.

Research Review

The Forum

The Holy Grail

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

July 2024 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

An 81-year-old female is referred to Wills Eye Hospital for photophobia and decreasing vision.