Evaluating Glaucoma With Retinal Disease

Determining the condition of the eye and the cause of any changes can be challenging in this situation. Here's help.

Treating glaucoma in the age of MIGS and laser

Surgeons’ protocols continue to evolve as new options appear and gradually prove their value.

Recognizing Artifacts in Visual Field Testing

During a busy clinic day, it's easy to mistake an artifact for progression. See how many artifacts you can identify.

Cataract Extraction in Uveitic Glaucoma

These surgeries have always challenged the careful balance of controlling pressure and minimizing inflammation. Here are winning new strategies to keep in mind.

Which MIGS for Which Patients?

Type of glaucoma, disease severity, patient age, eye size and other factors all may influence your choice.

Reconceiving Glaucoma Care

Minimizing risk, increasing efficiency, streamlining patient flow and ensuring quality of care during the pandemic—and beyond.