Surgical Education

Med-School Education: Teaching the Teachers

A practical approach to teaching ophthalmology to medical students in the clinic.

A Serial Approach to RRD Repair

A surgeon discusses his approach to retinal detachment repair and why it works for him.

Air to Displace Submacular Hemorrhage

Adding air through this simple technique can achieve better displacement of a hemorrhage.

Fellowship in A Nutshell

From patient preparation to surgical pearls, how to perform a blepharoplasty like a master.

Keys to Success as a Corneal Surgeon

A host of suggestions from the professional to the personal on achieving long-lasting satisfaction.

What I Teach My Fellows

Our series continues with one of the leading retina surgeon’s key messages to new ophthalmologists.

My "10 Commandments" for Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus surgery can be challenging. Herein are my "10 Commandments" that will help with your surgical outcomes.

Thoughts on Cataract Surgery: 2015

How one leading surgeon is adjusting his approach to cataract surgery to meet today’s new challenges.

Teach Your Fellows Well

Voices—and even lyrics—from the past still ring true when it comes to preparing the next generation of eye surgeons.

Can Continuing Medical Education Be Saved?

Reformers and industry vie to reshape how physicians achieve professional development.