The Scoop on Recent Audit Activity

Medicare auditors are waking up from their pandemic-induced slumber. Here’s how to stay in their good graces.

2023 ICD-10 and New Drug Codes

An update on the new diagnosis codes for ophthalmology as well as codes for new therapeutic options.

New Medicare Audits: What You Need to Know

The scoop on what auditors are looking for and how you can ensure that you stay in compliance.

Staying Ahead of the Cut

Experts say practicing good business management and prioritizing patient care will be key. Find out how your colleagues are coping.

The No Surprises Act Goes Live

An update on the NSA, and how MIGS surgery is separately impacted by payer bundles.

Medicare: What’s New For 2022

Important changes to different levels of CPT codes, Medicare reimbursement, MIPS and rules for facilities.