What’s New in the 2018 Medicare Update?

There are a number of changes to Medicare that practices should know about. This month, we review the most important.

What’s New in 2016: Fees, Codes and More

There are no new ICD-10 codes at this time, but there are plenty of other changes to codes and reimbursements to know about.

Risk Adjustment Audits For Medicare Part C

Knowing what to expect from a Risk Adjustment Data Validation audit will help to prevent easily avoidable errors.

ICD-10 Is Here: What You Need to Know Now

After several years of delay, ICD-10 will be implemented on October 1, 2015. What does this mean for your practice?

The Medicare 2012 Physician Data Release

The CMS Provider Utilization and Payment Data Public Utilization File is now open to the public; here’s what you should know.

Need-to-Know Changes For the PQRS in 2015

Changes to the participation bonus, new ophthalmic measures and requirements that can affect future reimbursements.

2015 Brings New Codes, Fee Schedule Changes

Regulatory issues and reimbursement rates are only some of the things to know about in the new year.

The Benefits of Scribes for Your Practice

With some practice and a few EMR considerations, scribes can help increase both productivity and workflow.

Compliance Programs: What Are They?

Optional for now, compliance programs are a part of the ACA. Here are steps to develop a program before they’re mandatory.