Etiology and Work-up Of Facial Nerve Palsy

The first in a two-part series on the diagnosis and management of this debilitating condition.

A Review of Blepharoptosis Repair

How the cause of the drooping lid will guide your diagnostic investigation and eventual repair of the problem.

Eyelid Lesions: Diagnosis and Treatment

A look at some of the common eyelid lesions that you may encounter in practice, their risk factors and treatment options.

Ptosis: Diagnostic Tips & Surgical Options

Congenital blepharoptosis can occur in isolation or in conjunction with other ophthalmic and systemic findings.

Putting Injectable Facial Fillers to Their Best Use

Filler indications range from lip and cheek augmentation to treatment of moderate to severe facial rhytids.

Trichiasis: Lashes Gone Astray

Trichiasis has numerous causes; the number of errant lashes, their distribution and the underlying pathology dictate treatment.

IOIS Remains a Diagnosis in Transition

In spite of a growing understanding of its molecular basis, idiopathic orbital inflammatory syndrome is still a challenge.

The Genetic Basis of Oculoplastic Disorders

Orbital and adnexal disorders often have a genetic basis. Here is a review of the most common disorders.

How to Recognize & Treat Thyroid Eye Disease

Early recognition of the clinical activity and severity of TED is crucial in determining the treatment and preserving vision.