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Dry Eye

Getting to the Root of Dry Eye

Determining the cause of dry-eye signs and symptoms can be challenging. Surgeons share tips and pearls.
Dry Eye

Approaches and Methods for Treating Dry Eye: 2021

As the population of dry eye patients continues to grow, so do the available options for intervention.

Why Surgeons Are Peeling Fewer ERMs

Watchful waiting is now often putting this procedure on hold. Veteran vitreoretinal surgeons explain what’s critical for you to know.

The Next Generation

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

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Blood Pressure & Glaucomatous Progression
Did lower mean arterial and diastolic arterial pressure correlate with RNFL loss?

Systemic Health and Medication Use Impact on GA Growth Rate in AMD

See which factors may be associated with the growth rate.

Long-term Changes in the Refractive Effect of a Toric IOL on Astigmatism Correction
Learn what factors caused deterioration of effect of the lenses.

Inhibition of Complement C3 in GA with NGM621
Find out if NGM621 was safe and tolerable when administered intravitreally up to 15 mg.

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