New Technology

Personalizing Practices with AI

You may be able to improve practice management with the latest AI and smart technology.

Enhancing Vision With wEVES

Wearable electronic vision enhancement systems can improve the lives of patients with AMD and low-vision conditions.

Is The “Shiny and New” Right for You?

Expert advice and food for thought when considering the purchase of a new, expensive piece of equipment for your practice.

Treating the Untreatable: How Optogenetics Works

Restoring complete vision loss is one of ophthalmology’s most ambitious goals. Learn how one concept could be changing the future of treatment.

Patient Education: Just a Click Away

Develop patient education experiences in the waiting room, exam room and at home with these online resources.

Time for An Upgrade?

A look at the latest smartphones and how their features could benefit you.

Blockchain 101 for Ophthalmologists

Experts discuss this disruptive technology and its potential uses in ophthalmology.