Therapeutics/External Disease

Anterior Segment Surgery and Herpes

Corneal experts break down the pre-, intra- and postop considerations.

Caring for the Eye’s Gatekeepers

A look at the etiology, signs and symptoms of blepharitis, as well as strategies for treatment.

Oxidative Stress Reduction for Dry Eye

Antioxidants’ effects on harmful reactive oxygen species may be helpful in the fight against dry eye.

Wintering with Ocular Allergies

A look at the attributes of perennial allergy and therapies designed to combat the chronic inflammation it engenders.

Neuropathic Pain: The Artifice of Dry Eye

A look at neuropathic pain and its relationship to dry-eye diagnosis and therapeutic strategies.

Working Magic with Pharmacokinetics

How increasing the absorption, bioavailability and/or retention of a drug can result in better efficacy without greater side effects.

Bring Them to Tears With Your Treatment

New compounds, especially those derived from hyaluronic acid, may change the game of dry-eye treatment.

The Hows and Whys of Pharmacokinetics

Simple attributes, such as how much drug can reach its target and how long it stays there, make a big difference in outcomes.

Breaking Down the Enigma of Dry Eye

A look at the science behind the development of lifitegrast, and where it fits into the therapeutic puzzle.