Neurodegenerative Diseases and OCTA

Peering into the retina may yield prognostic clues on diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

An Update on Fundus Autofluorescence

This imaging method can help elucidate retinal disease, monitor progression and possibly advance therapy.

Help for Intravitreal Injections

Traditional intravitreal injection techniques are tried-and-true, but there are devices that can help guide the procedure.

Expanding Retina’s Armamentarium

Here’s how specialists are using the latest treatments for wet AMD, DME and RVO.

Will Complement Therapy Catch On?

With one FDA-approved geographic atrophy therapy available (and another one not far behind), retina specialists are hopeful for the benefit to patients, while some remain cautious.

A Review of Genetic Testing and Counseling

A look at the current state of genetic counseling, the methods that are available, and what might be coming in the future.

The Impact of DRCR Protocol Studies

Researchers in the field of diabetic eye disease discuss how various Protocol trials have influenced treatment planning for PDR, DME and others.

An Update on White Dot Syndromes

Their rarity and different manifestations can make these chorioretinopathies a challenge to deal with. Here’s help.