Refractive Surgery

Some New Tricks With Gore-Tex

Two ways to use the resilient suture material for fixating intraocular lenses in challenging surgical cases.

Is There Still a Place For Manual LRIs?

Not only is there a place for them, but some surgeons say they’re performing them more than ever.

What’s Behind That SMILE

A look at patient selection, technique and how SMILE compares to LASIK.

Can Corneal Inlays Work for Your Practice?

Surgeons discuss the pros and cons of this new approach to refractive correction.

RxLAL: Say Goodbye to Postop Surprise?

A first look at the safety, efficacy and potential implementation of the newly approved light-adjustable lens.

How to Eliminate Epithelial Ingrowth

Epithelial cells creeping under the LASIK flap are an annoying, though rare, complication. Here’s how to address them.

Solving the Mystery Of Rainbow Glare

A surgeon says you may be able to treat this infrequent but aggravating complication of LASIK.

Topography-guided Ablation: A User’s Guide

This technology promises to improve many patients’ vision, but surgeons need to start slowly.

Refractive Surgery Trends of the ISRS

The final ISRS survey ends on a sour note for LASIK volumes but a high note for surgeons’ confidence in the procedure.

Hone Your Surface Ablation Technique

Expert tips on how to get the best outcomes possible when a patient is a good candidate for surface ablation.