Refractive Surgery

The Experts’ Take on Astigmatic Keratotomy

When it comes down to the knife or the laser, surgeon preference varies.

What Downturn?

A slump in refractive surgery from COVID-19 isn’t materializing—at least yet. Find out why and how to position your practice.

Astigmatism: How Low Can You Go?

Surgeons discuss the drive to zero astigmatism in cataract surgery.

Treating Astigmatism: How Low Can You Go?

Surgeons say that even a little bit of astigmatism is worth treating, and cataract surgery presents a golden opportunity.

Shutting the Door on Epithelial Ingrowth

Surgeons share when to watch and wait, and when to do something about ingrowth under the flap.

Is LVC Possible In CVD Patients?

Long considered an absolute contraindication, collagen vascular disease may not always be a bar for carefully selected patients.

Two for One: Bilateral Cataract Surgery

Some say immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery is as safe as staggered procedures.

Stop the Sneeze to Fight the Haze

The “Pittsburgh Protocol” calms local allergy symptoms for better cataract and refractive outcomes.

Some New Tricks With Gore-Tex

Two ways to use the resilient suture material for fixating intraocular lenses in challenging surgical cases.

Is There Still a Place For Manual LRIs?

Not only is there a place for them, but some surgeons say they’re performing them more than ever.