Refractive Surgery

A Review of Refractive Lens Exchange

Age and refractive error are the main factors when surgeons consider this procedure.

Office-based Surgery: Tales From the Front

Surgeons share their experiences setting up and utilizing an in-office surgical suite.

Stop the 'Trainwrecks'

The right attitude and proper surgical planning can help you handle even the most difficult patients.

How to Capitalize on the LASIK Boom

LASIK continues to gain in popularity, and some refractive surgeons are booked for months or even years to come.

The Nuts and Bolts of Premium IOL Practice

Experts discuss what sets some practices apart from others in the world of premium lenses.

FDA Approvals Usher in Unique IOL Options

What to know about the new IOLs from AcuFocus and Lenstec, and where they might fit into your practice.

Managing a Posterior Capsular Break

Vitrectomy tips to help you come through this unexpected event unscathed.

The Staying Power of Monovision LASIK

This refractive procedure remains effective and popular for presbyopia correction—in the right candidates.

Using Technology to Hone Cataract Outcomes

A look at the platforms that help you measure your surgical results and provide intuitive feedback for improvement.

An Update on ‘Monofocal-plus’ IOLs

How the latest non-diffractive lenses are fitting into the field, and what results to expect.