Refractive Surgery

Responding to Refractive Surprises

Helpful tips on how to proceed when the first eye catches you off guard.

Divining IOL Power Preoperatively

The technologies and techniques surgeons use to predict the best lens power.

Scratching the Surface of Abnormal Corneas

Treating irregular astigmatism is an art. Experts offer guidance for performing the most cutting-edge laser procedure.

A Good Candidate Takes Skill to Find

Ectasia is to be avoided at all costs, but disease potential may lurk beneath many a cornea. Here are some tips for screening patients successfully.

Back to Basics: Using OVDs

Know how to optimize your surgical results and stay out of trouble.

The Quest for Perfect Vision

How to use precise patient profiling, ocular surface management, state-of-the-art diagnostics and today’s IOLs to provide patients excellent vision.

Screening Refractive Surgery Patients

How to use personality profiling and counseling to minimize unhappy postop patients in this era of COVID-19.

The Current State of SMILE vs. LASIK

Postop results and safety profiles are similar, but there are key differences between the procedures.

Evolving with Sub-Bowman's Keratomileusis

SBK is more than just a name. Expert surgeons, including the inventors of the technique, review its finer points.

Glaucoma and Refractive Surgery

Refractive procedures can have a profound impact on eyes at risk for glaucomatous damage. Here’s how to stay out of trouble.