Refractive Surgery

Mastering New-Technology Lenses

Surgeons offer their top tips for working with the Apthera IOL and the EVO ICL.

How Good Is Your Nomogram?

For improved outcomes, refractive surgeons should consider these key variables and how to incorporate shared data from others, surgeons say.

The Journey to True Accommodation

Various companies have been working for years to develop intraocular lenses that achieve true accommodation.

Managing Refractive Surgery Complications

Though refractive surgery has advanced a great deal over the decades, complications can still occur. Here’s what to expect from the major procedures.

More Than One Way to Crack a Nucleus

Cataract surgeons discuss their preferred techniques and when to modify for certain scenarios.

Survey: Surgeons Weigh in on IOLs

Cataract surgeons share their thoughts on monofocal, toric, premium and phakic intraocular lenses.

SMILE Complications: What Not to Do

The most common problems that surgeons experience when starting small-incision lenticule extraction procedures.

Getting the Best Results with Phakic Lenses

Refractive surgeons walk through the steps for phakic IOL implantation.

The Ins and Outs of Customized LASIK

Topography-guided and topography-integrated/wavefront-guided treatments can produce excellent results, if surgeons can balance the art and science of the technology.

LASIK Enhancements: Handle with Care

Refractive surgeons say the keys to managing these cases are patience and precision.