Refractive Surgery

Managing Irregular Corneas and Cataracts

Surgeons discuss how to get a cornea in the best possible shape before calculating IOL power.

Cataract Surgeons Look at New Approaches

Cataract surgeons share their thoughts on the go-to techniques for everything from managing astigmatism and breaking up the nucleus to managing postop inflammation.

A Bigger SMILE on the Way

With improving technology and expanding patient education, more people may soon realize the benefits of SMILE.

Which Lens for Which Patient?

Cataract surgeons discuss the criteria they use when selecting a lens for a patient.

Cataract Surgeons Embrace New Options

Cataract surgeons who responded to our annual intraocular lens survey are both hewing to their tried-and-true options and leaving the door open for new lenses, too.

IOL Fixation: Pearls From The Pros

Surgeons offer strategies for completing successful fixation using suturing, gluing, the Yamane technique and other current alternatives.

A Review of Refractive Lens Exchange

Age and refractive error are the main factors when surgeons consider this procedure.

Office-based Surgery: Tales From the Front

Surgeons share their experiences setting up and utilizing an in-office surgical suite.

Stop the 'Trainwrecks'

The right attitude and proper surgical planning can help you handle even the most difficult patients.

How to Capitalize on the LASIK Boom

LASIK continues to gain in popularity, and some refractive surgeons are booked for months or even years to come.