Intraocular Lenses

Power Calculation: How to Up Your Game

Surgeons discuss ways to take advantage of new IOL formulas or optimize the ones you already use.

Does Your Patient Have a Dysfunctional Lens?

Surgeons weigh the merits of a new characterization of pre-cataract.

Can ‘Super Formula’ Increase Accuracy?

Building on earlier IOL power calculation formulas, this new approach adds a 3-D component.

Giving Multifocals a Second Look

How multifocal IOLs with lower add powers may be more useful to patients than higher-add lenses.

Tackling Toric Lenses After PK Surgery

In properly selected transplant patients with astigmatism that’s not too irregular, toric lenses can yield good results.

Surgeons Seek Presbyopia Solution

Surgeons say presbyopic lenses are fine, but say they’re tiring of the trade-offs in vision.

The Art of Implanting Multifocal Lenses

Preoperative measurement accuracy and surgical precision are crucial to good outcomes.

Root Out Multifocal Lens Problems

Just because a patient is unhappy with her multifocal lens doesn’t necessarily mean she needs a surgical solution.

Surgeons Choose the Premium Channel

Good results in select patients are making premium IOLs more appealing to surgeons.

Multifocals: Sweat the Small Stuff

Surgeons share their tips for catching all the elusive problems that could derail a multifocal lens.