Intraocular Lenses

No Capsular Support: Do ACIOLs Still Make Sense?

New alternatives have many surgeons shying away from ACIOLs —but there’s still a place for them.

Planning for the Best Outcomes

Do more than just hope for them with intelligent cataract surgery planning for post-refractive eyes.

New High-Tech IOL Options in the Pipeline

Three revolutionary ideas may help to raise the bar for post-surgery refractive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Surgeons Share Their Views on IOLs

Opinions on monofocals, multifocals, torics and handling lens complications.

Premium IOLs: How to Spot Poor Candidates

How to weed out candidates who will be dissatisfied with these IOLs, even after a perfect surgery.

Presbyopic IOLS: Choosing Wisely

How to watch and listen to your patients to enhance your success rate.

IOL Power Formulas: 10 Questions Answered

Understanding how formulas calculate the optimum lens power can help ensure good outcomes.

Power Calculation: How to Up Your Game

Surgeons discuss ways to take advantage of new IOL formulas or optimize the ones you already use.

Does Your Patient Have a Dysfunctional Lens?

Surgeons weigh the merits of a new characterization of pre-cataract.

Can ‘Super Formula’ Increase Accuracy?

Building on earlier IOL power calculation formulas, this new approach adds a 3-D component.