Retinal Insider

An Update on Toxoplasmosis

A review of the diagnosis and management of the most common cause of infectious posterior uveitis.


Neurodegenerative Diseases and OCTA

Peering into the retina may yield prognostic clues on diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


An Update on Fundus Autofluorescence

This imaging method can help elucidate retinal disease, monitor progression and possibly advance therapy.


A Review of Genetic Testing and Counseling

A look at the current state of genetic counseling, the methods that are available, and what might be coming in the future.


An Update on White Dot Syndromes

Their rarity and different manifestations can make these chorioretinopathies a challenge to deal with. Here’s help.


Pearls for Posterior IOFB Management

A discussion of the various types of intraocular foreign bodies, and how best to diagnose and treat IOFB injuries to the retina.


Autoimmune Retinopathy: A Review

The signs and symptoms to be aware of, as well as the best courses of treatment to pursue.


Managing Retinal Complications of KPro

The device that solves problems in the front of the eye can sometimes cause other problems in the back.


When and How to Peel an Epiretinal Membrane

How to determine whether to peel a membrane, as well as a discussion of considerations for surgery.


An Update on the Anti-VEGF Biosimilar Pipeline

Biosimilars for diseases like AMD and diabetic retinopathy could possibly offer patients effective, less-costly options.