Retinal Insider

Gene Therapies for Inherited Diseases

A review of the many treatments in the research pipeline for retinal diseases that have continuously resisted treatment. 


Clinical Pearls for a New Condition

Pentosan polysulfate therapy, a common treatment for interstitial cystitis, has been associated with a maculopathy. 



Tech Trends in Vitreoretinal Surgery

A look at retinal surgery innovations, from visualization to instrumentation.


First Look: A Head-Mounted OR Display

Surgeons with experience using a novel, prototype technology explain how it works.


OCTA vs. Dye: The Pros and Cons

OCTA has some advantages, but FA and ICG outperform it in some areas, say these physicians.


Recognizing and Treating Ocular TB

Experts are attempting to reach a consensus on how to approach the treatment of ocular tuberculosis.


Managing Retinal Macroaneurysms

Expert advice on how to diagnose and manage this rare retinal condition.

A New Gene Therapy For Early-onset RP

Gene therapy may be the next innovation for improving vision in young patients with retinal degenerative disease.

Imaging Advances for Choroidal Melanoma

How recent additions to ophthalmologists’ imaging toolbox are helping with diagnosis and management of these cancers.