Cornea/Anterior Segment

Managing Seasonal Ocular Allergy

With pollen counts rising every year, here’s a refresher on your options for itchy eyes.


Ocular Surface Tumor Diagnostics

Experts evaluate the best imaging modalities for assessing suspicious lesions.


Conjunctivochalasis Surgical Techniques

Though it shares symptoms with dry eye, don’t mistake the two conditions.


Surgical Approaches to Pterygium

Recurrence is your worst enemy. Here, a surgeon discusses ways to avoid it and what to do if the pterygium comes back.


Adding Pre-Descemet’s Layer to EK

Experts explain how to use the sturdy pre-Descemet’s layer in endothelial keratoplasty procedures.


Acanthamoeba: The Keratitis that Won’t Quit!

We discuss the epidemiological risk factors and current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for this formidable protozoan invader.


Amniotic Membrane Use In Pterygium Surgery

How to surgically repair a pterygium that’s become clinically significant.


ICRS and Cross-linking For Corneal Ectasia

A cornea surgeon explains the pros and cons of the two approaches, when used alone and in combination.

Boston KPro: Current And Future Directions

An in-depth look at this innovative device’s design, recent modifications, implantation techniques and outcomes.

Perfecting Posterior Corneal Grafts

A look at the options waiting behind DSAEK, especially its closest rival, DMEK.