Technology Update

Speech-to-Text Tools For Physicians

Medical dictation tools are evolving, providing doctors with various speech recognition services and platforms.


Tools to Lighten the Prior Authorization Load

Physicians and staff spend almost 13 hours per week on PAs, according to the AMA. Here are six tools that could help.


The ESCRS IOL Calculator

An update on the new IOL calculator that uses seven major formulas simultaneously.


Time for An Upgrade?

A look at the latest smartphones and how their features could benefit you.


Blockchain 101 for Ophthalmologists

Experts discuss this disruptive technology and its potential uses in ophthalmology.


FDA Approvals Usher in Unique IOL Options

What to know about the new IOLs from AcuFocus and Lenstec, and where they might fit into your practice.


New Ways to Address Amblyopia

Traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment have been less-than-ideal. New high-tech options may change that.


How to Develop Your Own Instruments

From concept to patent to finding a manufacturer—here’s how to get started in the world of custom instruments.


Promising New Ways to Monitor Glaucoma

New technologies are showing promise for more accurate monitoring—and predicting of—progression.


LIRIC: A Novel LVC Treatment

This non-invasive method of correcting refractive error alters the cornea’s index of refraction rather than its shape.