Bottom Line

A New Tack to Rein in Runaway Awards

Premium IOL and refractive surgery patients—and surgeons—may have a new option to protect against a bad outcome.

Used Equipment: First, Do Your Homework

When buying used medical equipment, be sure you’re dealing with a reputable company and you know what you’re getting.

7 Reasons Your Advisor Was Surprised by 2008

Back in 2006, before the current financial crisis became visible, CNBC carried an on-air showdown between market commentators Peter Schiff and Mark Haines.

With E-prescribing, MDs Put Down Their Pens

Since her practice went to e-pre-scribing at the end of 2008, Cynthia Mattox, MD, has given up the pre-printed pads she used for writing glaucoma prescriptions.

Why You Need to Open Those 401(k) Envelopes

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated approximately $2 trillion in losses from retirement plans by the end of 2008.

Washington Moves EMR Off the Back Burner

Ophthalmologists David E.

How to Guide Your Crew Through Stormy Seas

We have all been suffering.

You Can Still Sell Your Practice for Millions

We often hear doctors complain that they do not feel their can sell their practice for any significant value.

Seven Steps to Building an E-mail List

When I ask business owners if they market to their list, I get all kinds of responses.

What a Tangled Web(site) We Weave

There's no question that your website can dramatically increase the amount of patient traffic that you get.