Medicare Q & A

New Medicare Changes for ASCs

A new initiative from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will alter some requirements for surgery centers.



Understanding Stark And Kickback Laws

What you need to know about laws governing such things as “self-referrals” and financial arrangements between practices.



The Medicare Appeals Process

Appealing a claim can be daunting. Here’s how to navigate the process, should you need to make an appeal.


2019 (Year 3) MIPS Changes

What you can do in the coming year to help ensure that your practice earns a bonus—and avoids a penalty.


2019 CPT Code Changes

A look into what the new year means for new and existing Current Procedural Terminology codes.


New Mid-year CPT Codes

This mid-year release comes with two Category III codes that practices need to be aware of.

Compliance Update: “Excluded” Employees

Why providers are excluded from Medicare and how to find out if a potential new hire has been excluded.

Quality Payment Program: Year Two Medicare Update

With the second year of QPP underway, it’s important for practitioners to be aware of what’s changed.

What’s New in the 2018 Medicare Update?

There are a number of changes to Medicare that practices should know about. This month, we review the most important.