Refractive Surgery

Some New Tricks With Gore-Tex

Two ways to use the resilient suture material for fixating intraocular lenses in challenging surgical cases.

RxLAL: Say Goodbye to Postop Surprise?

A first look at the safety, efficacy and potential implementation of the newly approved light-adjustable lens.

How to Think Outside the Capsule

A novel approach to cataract surgery and lens replacement offers some benefits, but its adoption rate may be slow.

Find Common Ground With Premium Patients

An update to the venerable Dell Patient Questionnaire may help you crack the code of proper preop patient communication.

Surgery 101: Managing Endothelial Risk

A stepwise approach to avoiding damage to the endothelium during cataract surgery.

Tips for Fixating IOLs With Gore-Tex Sutures

A step-by-step guide for suturing the Akreos and the Cz70BD intraocular lenses.

Should RLE Surgeons Brace for Dislocations?

A look at the data, and surgeon experience, regarding factors that influence the long-term stability of IOLs in the capsular bag.

Going the Xtra Mile With LASIK

Surgeons say an abbreviated version of corneal cross-linking can help healthy LASIK eyes have a more stable result.

Get to Know Your New Surgical Options

Experts familiar with the new Symfony IOL and the Raindrop corneal inlay share their tips for optimizing outcomes.

Tips for Pre-LASIK Resurfacing

Doing your prep work ahead of time will make things smoother in the long run, surgeons say.