September 2011


Four Tumors in Four Months

An unusual series of cases reflects some important diagnostic challenges.

Anti-VEGF for CNV: Questions Remain

Larger studies are needed to determine the best dosage and method of delivery of current experimental therapies.

Laser Transplants: Are We There Yet?

Although femtosecond lasers excel in some respects, it's not clear that they're ready to become the gold standard.

How to Manage DSAEK Complications

Many of this procedure’s complications can be avoided with careful preparation and technique.


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Technology Update

Can Alzheimer's Be Tracked Via the Eye?

Studies suggest that the onset of dementia may cause detectable changes in the retina.

Retinal Insider

Inhibiting VEGF and PDGF to Treat AMD

Drugs that combine regression of CNV with resolution of permeability in wet AMD may enhance visual outcomes.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma: Not Your Father's Mission Work

Sharing your skills with those in need around the world is a different experience today, but the rewards are still significant.

Therapeutic Topics

What Makes Someone A Non-Responder?

A look at typical non-responders to drug therapy and the factors that have made them that way.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

The Current State of Corneal Transplants

A look at the factors that influence the choice of procedure in corneal transplantation.

Refractive Surgery

A Rational Approach to Irregular Astigmatism

Irregular astigmatism can be a source of frustration with toric IOLs. Here's how to identify and treat the cause.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A patient with HIV and on HAART therapy notes increasingly blurry vision and seeks emergency treatment.