May 2005


Refractive Surgery Research: The Cutting Edge

Surgeons and vision researchers have pooled their talents to provide insights on optimizing refractive surgery’s outcomes.

Targeting New Materials, Comfort and Safety

Safer lens wear, improved corneal health, and continued exploration of the concept of corneal shaping highlight this year’s ARVO offerings.

Retinal Research: From Lab Bench to Your OR

This year’s ARVO meeting features the latest on treatments you can begin using today, and some whose promise is still on the horizon.

Making Progress toward A Healthier Ocular Surface

Cornea and external disease continues to be an active and exciting area of inquiry for ophthalmic researchers.

Breaking New Ground in Glaucoma

As our understanding of the disease grows, research is answering new questions and setting new standards.

Better Vision, Safer Surgery Mark Cataract Focus at ARVO

Patients’ expectations of what cataract surgery can do for vision are rising. Researchers and manufacturers are taking the challenge.


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Bottom Line

Motivation through Recognition & Reward

The rewards that employees value need not be costly, and they pay off in far greater returns.

Technology Update

An Online Resource for LASIK Refinements

Still and video images at this surgeons’ website show how to treat minor refinements following LASIK.

Retinal Insider

OCT3 and Beyond: New Developments

Managing the open globe calls for creativity and flexibility of surgical approach tailored to the specific case

Glaucoma Management

Managing Normal- Tension Glaucoma

Confirming the diagnosis and aiming for the right IOP are key elements of

Therapeutic Topics

Working Together to Heal the Cornea

Experts both in and outside of ophthalmology have a lot to share when it comes to treating corneal disease.

Refractive Surgery

Tackling Cylinder When Using the Verisyse

Experienced surgeons say you can deal with astigmatism with the right incision and suture tension.

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