Feb 2005


What to Do When You Question the Wavefront

Discrepancies between clinical and wavefront refraction often occur. Here's how the experts deal with them.


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VA Optometric Surgery Debate Fades

Stem Cell Research Targetz Retinopathy

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Bottom Line

Retention in a Patient-Focused Practice

With creative internal marketing, no patient should have a reason to leave your practice.

Technology Update

Any Way You Slice It: A Better AC View

A forthcoming non-contact OCT imaging system reveals AC anatomy quickly and easily.

Letters to the Editor

Retinal Insider

Tips and Tricks for 25-Ga. Sutureless Vitrectomy

Technique change and attention to detail can help maximize the advantages of 25-ga. retinal surgery.

Glaucoma Management

When Structure and Function Disagree

It's important to consider all possible explanations for the discrepancy.

Therapeutic Topics

Dry Eye's Meeting of the Minds

The fruits of four years of research from ocular surface and dry-eye experts.

Refractive Surgery

Registering for Best LASIK Results

Registration techniques guard against cyclorotation and help ensure centered ablations.

Custom Hyperopic LASIK Demystified

Along with the new approval of custom hyperopic treatments comes the need for learning new techniques.

The Trouble with Wavefront

The improved outcomes seen with custom ablation may not be attributable to this technology at all.

Expanding the Options for 25-ga. Vitrectomy

A limitation of this new surgical option has been the inability to place a silicone oil endotamponade. This surgeon's found a way.

Smarter Prescreening For LASIK Candidates

Surgeons offer insight on the standard battery of prescreening exams for laser vision correction candidates.

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