After reading the article "Complications of IVTA Injection" (Retinal Insider, December 2004), we felt it was incumbent upon us to clarify some of the issues raised in the article, and differentiate between true complications and the normal effects and appearance of Kenalog injection.

We have performed intraocular Kenalog injections as part of our cataract surgery regimen in approximately 15,000 cases. In our experience, we have found Kenalog injections to cause fewer undesirable side effects than our usual topical regimen of steroid and NSAID drops. In our study of 608 eyes, we found that when administered in low doses, Kenalog reduces, and in most cases eliminates the drops required following cataract surgery. Using our cocktail of Kenalog combined with steroids, NSAIDs and antibiotics, we have not experienced the incidence of complications described in the article.