THE AURORA LUMINOUS ACUITY CHART from Gulden Ophthalmics is a flat-panel backlit acuity display. It is operated by remote control to illuminate the chart line-by-line as the patient works through the test. This lightweight, battery-operated system can be wall-mounted or used as a desktop display. Snellen, "tumbling" E, HOTV charts, batteries and an AC adapter are included. Call 1-800-659-2250 or visit

Combination Speculum with Aspiration

KATENA PRODUCTS INC., IN COOPERA-tion with Marinos Markomanolakis, MD, of New York, offers the Markomanolakis Aspirating Speculum. The company says this item combines the simplicity of a wire speculum with a large-bore aspiration tube for efficient evacuation of excess fluids and particulate matter. The tube opening is positioned at the lateral canthus and can handle a large volume of fluid without the risk of occlusion by the conjunctiva. Katena says this new design allows for effective drainage of irrigating fluids during laser refractive surgery, maintaining an ocular surface free of microbial or chemical contaminants. Call (973) 989-1600 or visit

Diagnostic and Measurement Tools

MARCO HAS JOINED WITH NIDEK TO develop the M3, an automatic refractor, keratometer and non-contact tonometer. The companies say that by combining three instruments into one, the M3 increases office efficiency and saves space. Of note, the M3 will interface with other existing Marco vision diagnostic systems.
Marco also rolls out the LM-1000 Automatic Lensmeter. Using Hartmann-Shack technology, the LM-1000 can read 108 points on a lens, easily providing information such as the add power of a progressive lens. Call 1-800-874-5274 or visit

Portable Pachymeter

A NEW PORTABLE ULTRASOUND PACHYmeter is available from DGH Technology Inc. The DGH Model 555 Pachette 3 can measure and store up to 25 measurements bilaterally in about 1.6 seconds per eye. An IOP correction calculation is built into the software. A backlit LCD displays OD and OS measurements, running average, standard deviation and IOP correction calculation. The Pachette 3 weighs 0.8 kilograms and has two rechargeable batteries. The 1.5-mm probe is solid-filled with a clear tip. Visit