July 2011


A Case of Atraumatic Orbital Hemorrhage

Atraumatic orbital hemorrhage is an uncommon occurrence that may be mistaken for other causes of orbital masses.

Squeezing the Most Out of the ORange

Though it’s no substitute for surgical decision making, the ORange can be a helpful tool, surgeons say.

Converting Patients (Despite the Economy)

If a practice makes the effort and follows strategic guidelines, it's still possible to achieve a high conversion rate.

How IT Will Change the Face of Medicine

New information technology will provide better efficiency, allowing ophthalmologists to see more patients and employ smaller staffs.


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Technology Update

Inflammation Check: A New Test for Dry Eye

An inexpensive, clinic-friendly device may reveal the presence of a marker associated with early dry-eye disease.

Medicare Q & A

Responding to Postpayment Review

New legislation and an assortment of programs can complicate Medicare payments. Proper navigation may avoid audits.

Retinal Insider

A Different Approach to Therapy for Wet AMD

Gene therapy for ophthalmic disease may offer significant benefits to patients in safety, efficacy and convenience.

Glaucoma Management

How Many Visual Fields Are Enough?

Statistical studies are revealing that insufficient testing can fail to detect potentially blinding levels of glaucoma progression.

Therapeutic Topics

The 2011 ARVO Highlight Reel

A look at the latest findings in multiple subspecialties and how they may affect the way you treat and diagnose disease.

Refractive Surgery

Secrets to Better Surface Procedures

Surgeons experienced in performing PRK and LASEK explain the best ways to control pain and manage the epithelium.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Following episodic pain and redness for some months, a sudden onset of intense pain brings a patient to the ER.