Jul 2006

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Technology Update

Surgery Enters a New Dimension

Pathology leaps right out at you with this 3-D surgical viewing system, now in beta testing.

Letters to the Editor

Retinal Insider

The Biology of Smoking and AMD

Understanding the effects of AMD’s leading modifiable risk factor may lead to preventive strategies and novel therapies.

Glaucoma Management

Measuring IOP: The Cornea Factor

Studies continue to reveal new connections between corneal characteristics and intraocular pressure.

Therapeutic Topics

Hot Topics from the 2006 ARVO Meeting

A rundown of the most intriguing research in cornea/external disease and other subspecialties.

Refractive Surgery

How to Manage Custom Enhancements

Performing custom enhancements on refractive patients involves more than just entering the data and ablating, say experts.

The Ins and Outs Of IntraLase

As more surgeons adopt the IntraLase for making their flaps, more helpful tips emerge.

Screening for LASIK: Tips and Techniques

Surgeons share helpful strategies for identifying which patients are good candidates—and which could be trouble.

Finding New Uses for Wavefront Technology

Wavefront analyzers are powerful diagnostic tools that can help a variety of patients.

Refractive Surgeons Broaden their Skills

Surgeons are starting to adopt newer technologies, such as phakic lenses, and are adapting to the ever-present risk of ectasia.

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