August 2009

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Bottom Line

Why You Need to Open Those 401(k) Envelopes

A sagging economy and stock market losses are turning the heat up on retirement plans, 401(k)s and profit sharing.

Technology Update

Test Your Patients Before They Test You

A psychological test, given to patients before surgery, may predict their chances for postop satisfaction.

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

Progress Seen in ROP Diagnosis and Treatment

New treatment options and a better understanding of the disease’s pathophysiology mark recent advances in retinopathy of prematurity.

Plastic Pointers

How to Diagnose and Relieve Periocular Spasm

Periocular spasms can be so severe as to limit a patient’s functioning.

Glaucoma Management

Managing Patients After Retinal Surgery

These patients present special problems. One surgeon shares her experience and insights.

Therapeutic Topics

Gene Therapy Turns Foes into Friends

It turns out that viruses can be remarkable tools for healing ocular disease.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

Unraveling the Difficult Diagnosis of Dacryoadenitis

Inflammation of the lacrimal gland is an unusual condition with many different potential etiologies.

Refractive Surgery

How to Make the Changeover to HD

Profit from the experience of several veteran Crystalens HD surgeons.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Resident Case Series

Sudden vision loss and pain drive an elderly patient to seek emergency care.