Compulink Business Systems has launched Eyecare Advantage Essentials and E-Rx. Compulink says the products allow eye-care professionals to switch to electronic health records and incorporate electronic drug prescription with complete integration, which avoids double-entry that other products require. Implementation of these products also enables practices to become eligible for financial incentives under federal health information technology and economic stimulus legislation. Under this legislation, a provider can gain up to $60,000 from incentives alone.

Designed for small and budget constrained practices, Essentials provides all of the features of Compulink's industry leading Eyecare Advantage and Ophthalmology Advantage products, minus the ability to customize. Starting at $3,000, Essentials is available at a much lower entry price than comparable solutions. Essentials users who require customization can upgrade to the more advanced Advantage systems at anytime.

E-Rx, offered as an option to Essentials and the Advantage line, enables providers to submit prescriptions electronically and provides comprehensive clinical information on every drug approved by the FDA. In addition to reducing prescribing errors and simplifying the prescribing process, E-Rx also enables providers to qualify for an additional 2 percent Medicare annual reimbursement amount. E-Rx pricing starts at $35/month per provider. For information visit


PicoDiamond Black Diamond and Sapphire Knives from Rica Surgical Products

Two new lines of surgical knives with blades created from man-made diamonds and sapphires are now available from Rica Surgical Products. Designed for ophthalmic applications, the knives are precision surgical instruments, and are cost-effective and high-quality replacements for traditional natural diamond scalpels, Rica says. 

PicoDiamond Black Diamond knife blades are available in an assortment of sizes for lancet, double lancet and round blade (crescent) configurations, and ship with straight or elbow titanium locking "J" handles (standard) and autoclavable instrument cases. Sapphire knife blades are available in an assortment of sizes for lancet, double lancet, round (crescent), clear cornea, tri-facet and trapezoid double lancet configurations, and ship with straight or elbow titanium locking "J" handles (standard).

Surgeons interested in evaluating these knives may contact RICA Surgical Products at 1 (800) 889-3218 for details on a trial program and for introductory pricing. Visit


New Version of Pro Schedule Debuts

CyberMatrix says its version 7 of Pro Schedule is an easy to use Windows-based application for scheduling appointments. Version 7 offers a complete rewrite of the Pro Schedule Web edition. Pro Schedule Web now includes its own web server. This eliminates the need to configure and maintain an unwieldy web server like Microsoft's IIS. Appointments can be moved using drag and drop or by cutting and pasting from person to person or day to day. Using the search features, users can locate obscure appointments quickly as well as find openings at a certain time or of a certain duration. A single person's appointments can be seen in daily, weekly or monthly views. Users can also view the appointments of all people in a single day or the entire week. There are even client and room views. Pro Schedule can accommodate appointments that repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Security options can limit who can see and change what data. Pro Schedule Web allows appointment scheduling over any web browser on virtually any operating system, not just Windows.

For more information or to view fully functional 30-day trial versions, visit, or call 1 (888) 664-0383.


The Ring's the Thing

If you appreciate the benefits of a capsular tension ring for those cases with zonular weakness or loss, but dislike the difficulty involved with removing cortex with a CTR in place, the Henderson Capsular Tension Ring from FCI Ophthalmics may be for you.

The Henderson Ring, designed by Boston surgeon Bonnie Henderson, is an open C-shaped loop of PMMA that can help stabilize the capsular bag before, during and after cataract surgery, FCI says. The difference the ring brings to the surgery is a design that features eight equally spaced indentations around its circumference, which creates a sinusoidal shape. The company says the main advantage of this design is that it makes for easier removal of nuclear and cortical material, since less material will be pinned by the ring's outer edge due to the indentations. Contact FCI at 1 (800) 932-4202 or visit


A D.A.M. That Improves Patient Flow

Accutome says its Devgan Axis Marker can improve patient flow through your operating room by allowing you to mark the astigmatic axis in toric intraocular lens patients at the slit lamp, rather than in the OR. The D.A.M., which was developed in conjunction with Los Angeles surgeon Uday Devgan, can be mounted to most slit lamps' tonometer housings, the company says. Then, with the patient at the slit lamp, the surgeon dials in the axis and looks through the instrument to center the marks on the cornea. Accutome says the device's grasping knobs are positioned to match similar degree marks on Alcon's Toric IOL Calculator, and act as reference points for positioning the marker. It can be used with or without gentian violet dye. Contact Accutome at 1 (800) 979-2020 or visit


Pentacam: Back to Basics

For clinicians who don't need every bell and whistle, Oculus is offering the Pentacam Basic, a version of its Scheimpflug imaging device that trades some more advanced features for a lower price, yet still enables several types of imaging. The Pentacam Basic comes with such features as Scheimpflug imaging, topography, tomography and "virtual eye" simulation, but deletes functions such as pachymetry, the ability to compare four exams at once, anterior chamber depth mapping and the ability to take measurements of parts of the Scheimpflug image. However, if you want more functionality later, Oculus says you can upgrade the system. Contact Oculus at 1 (888) 294-8004 or visit


A Rest for the Weary

Wilson Ophthalmic recently introduced a portable elbow rest aimed at stabilizing the physician's hand and arm and making him or her more comfortable during procedures and exams. The elbow rest is made of high-density foam, features a non-skid base and comes in heights of 3 inches and 4 inches.

The company has also releases a new line of dry-eye relief sunglasses called Eyesentials. The sunglasses have a two-layer foam barrier that Wilson says helps the eyes retain moisture while keeping out dust, wind and bright light. The glasses also have UV blocking polycarbonate lenses, and anti-fog coating and temples that bend to fit properly. Contact Wilson at 1 (800) 222-2020 or visit