November 2011


Should You Change Your Practice Model?

Economic realities and administrative hassles are making surgeons consider new ways of focusing their practice.

New Ways to Bring Tears to Patients’ Eyes

A look at the dry-eye treatments currently in Phase III FDA clinical trials.

Getting to the Root of Patients' Dry Eye

How to use signs, symptoms and tests to diagnose the cause of a case of dry eye.


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Technology Update

Using Ultrasound to Reduce High IOP

Researchers are developing new instruments that can ablate the ciliary body or increase outflow through the TM.

Medicare Q & A

Covered or Noncovered? The Cataract Menu

What Medicare covers is not always clear-cut. A breakdown of cataract surgery and the rationale for who pays what.

Retinal Insider

Paraneoplastic and Related Retinopathies

Retina-based paraneoplastic syndromes involving the visual system are relatively rare, but easy to overlook.

Glaucoma Management

Should Your Glaucoma Patients Be Driving?

Glaucomatous damage can eventually make your patient a dangerous driver. Here's how to stay on top of the situation.

Therapeutic Topics

Mucins: Foundation of A Good Tear Film

What we know about mucins and their role in protecting the eye from ocular surface disease.

Refractive Surgery

Navigating the Gray Areas of RLE

Knowing the risk factors and how to select the right patients can help ensure safe refractive lens exchanges, say surgeons.

Product News

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A young and healthy patient’s mishap at a rock concert leads him to seek treatment at Wills.