Jul 2005


Volunteerism May Have Some Unseen Rewards

A veteran of community screening programs argues that payback on volunteering can far exceed cost.

Are Laser Flaps Inevitable?

Top surgeons discuss their experience and the clinical evidence in the ongoing debate over the future of LASIK flap-making.


Review News

Review News

Promising Early Results from the Lucentis FOCUS Study

Bottom Line

Prepare to Launch Your New Technology

This checklist will get your technology

Technology Update

How to Be a Virtually Perfect Surgeon

Virtual reality allows surgeons to improve their skills in a safe environment.

Retinal Insider

Prophylaxis for Retinal Detachment

Retinal surgeons differ on treatment of vitreoretinal bnormalities, but can offer evidence-based advice to patients at risk for RD.

Glaucoma Management

Filtering Surgery: Late Complications

A surgeon offers advice for minimizing and managing bleb problems, which can occur years after surgery.

Therapeutic Topics

What We Learned at ARVO 2005

Researchers have been very busy in the areas of allergy, dry eye and infection.

Refractive Surgery

What to Expect from Epi-LASIK Surgery

You know about the procedure and the devices, now here are the results.

The Evolution of CK for The Presbyopic Patient

Here’s how surgeons are benefiting from the years of experience they’ve amassed since CK arrived on the scene.

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