ADVANCED MEDICAL OPTICS HAS INTRODUCED the Emerald XL Unfolder system for use with the Sensar acrylic in-traocular lens with OptiEdge. The Emerald XL Implantation System offers increased control and ease of rotation due to its smaller threads and larger wheel, the company says. Physicians can still insert a three-piece, 6-mm optic acrylic IOL through an unenlarged phaco incision as small as 2.8 mm. Call 1 (800) 366-6554 or contact your AMO representative.

Volk Launches New Vitrectomy Lens

VOLK OPTICAL REPORTS THAT ITS CHALAM FLAT SSV STERL Disposable Vitrectomy Lens, developed with K.V. Chalam, MD, offers physicians a disposable convenience design without sacrificing optical quality. The patented self-stabilizing (SSV) feature holds the lens on the cornea, eliminating the need for sutures or an assistant, and reducing surgical prep time and trauma to the patient.

The Chalam lens is designed with high surface quality and light transmission to provide the best possible optics for viewing the posterior segment of the retina. With its low profile design, 30-degree field of view, and .9x image magnification, the Chalam Flat SSV provides optimal views of the fundus.
The lenses are shipped in dual sterile packages and are ready for use and disposal, eliminating processing time for lens sterilization between surgeries. For more information, visit or call Volk at 1 (800) 345-8655.

DLEK Shovel Eases Atraumatic Insertion

KATENA"S 4 x 8-mm DLEK SHOVEL (K3-4260) FOR INSERTION of the donor lamella, developed by George Rossenwasser, MD, has a retaining rim on two sides to prevent the folded donor lamella from sliding off the shovel during insertion. The shovel's design facilitates an easy insertion process alleviating the concern of crushing the tissue as can occur when using forceps. For further information, contact Gordon Dahl at (973) 989-1600.

UV Magnifier Lamp Reveals Dye Traces

THE SPECTROLINE Q-22 ULTRAVIOLET LAMP by Spectronics is designed with a built-in magnifier lens, offering ophthalmologists more precise fluorescence analyses in identifying cataracts and eye injuries, including corneal scratches and abrasions. Optically ground and polished, the Q-22 2 x 4-inch, high-resolution magnifier lens provides users three-power magnification at an 8-inch focal length, making the faintest traces of fluorescence detectable.

The Q-22 has two 4-watt UV tubes and two 4-watt white light tubes, each having its own on/off switch. The lamp's high-impact polycarbonate housing surrounds a specular reflector for ideal irradiance. For hands-free operation the Q-22 can be ordered with either a pedestal stand or a special spring-balanced flexible arm that can be extended 36-inches and swing in a 360-degree arc. The lamp is UL-listed and CSA-approved. For more information, call 1 (800) 274-8888 or visit

Handheld IOL Measuring Devices For Multiple Settings Use

MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES INTRODUCES THE PALMSCAN A2000 and AP2000 A-Scan or Pachymeter/A-scan combination IOL diagnostic devices, offering portability in examining patients in multiple settings.

The A2000 weighs just10 ounces, is battery-operated, and is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Despite its small size, the A2000 features include the latest IOL equations, auto data capture, advanced pattern recognition, and an easy-use desktop application for managing patient data. The company says it is accurate (±5.75µm), with a resolution of ±1µm, and can store up to 1,000 patient records.

In addition to the features of the Palmscan A2000, the AP2000 Ascan and Pachymeter combination handheld unit, offers a configurable IOP adjustment, built-in data base, capable of measuring corneal scars, mapping of 17 corneal lo-cations, and the ability to superimpose corneal waveforms. Ascan (±5.75µm) and pachymeter (±3.1µm) accuracy and probe frequencies of 10MHz and 20MHz respectively, provides portability and the precision found in larger diagnostic devices. For more information, call 1 (866) 730-0663, or e-mail

New Topical Drop Offers Longer Anesthetiztion Time

CYNACON/OCUSOFT ANNOUNCES THAT TETRAVISC, its new high viscosity topical anesthetic offers a longer anesthetiztion time during surgical procedures. The topical ophthalmic drop also significantly improves pain levels in postoperative pa-tients, thereby increasing patient comfort, while providing rapid and im-mediate dispersion across the cornea. Call 1 (800) 233-5469.

New Devices from Rhein

RHEIN MEDICAL"S OPHTHALMIC CHIN LIFT eliminates the "drifting" that occurs during surgery by maintaining patient positioning and ensuring accuracy during refractive, cataract, retinal and ophthalmic procedures, the company says.
Designed with a telescoping arm and an adjustable should harness, the Rousseau Chin Lift is fully ad-justable, allowing accommodation for all patients. The device is lightweight, easy to use and does not interfere with the surgical field.