September 2022


Managing the Upcoming Provider Shortage

As the number of patients grows and the number of ophthalmologists drops, trouble may lie ahead. Doctors and experts weigh in.

Current Diagnosis and Management of Uveitis

A retina specialist walks you through the treatment options for this sometimes confounding condition.

Point-Counterpoint: The Etiology of Keratoconus

Cornea specialists debate the mechanism behind the disease.

How to Capitalize on the LASIK Boom

LASIK continues to gain in popularity, and some refractive surgeons are booked for months or even years to come.

The Nuts and Bolts of Premium IOL Practice

Experts discuss what sets some practices apart from others in the world of premium lenses.


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Editor's Page

Technology Update

FDA Approvals Usher in Unique IOL Options

What to know about the new IOLs from AcuFocus and Lenstec, and where they might fit into your practice.

Medicare Q & A

2023 ICD-10 and New Drug Codes

An update on the new diagnosis codes for ophthalmology as well as codes for new therapeutic options.

Retinal Insider

Diagnosing Abusive Head Trauma

Identifying ocular manifestations of physical abuse could save a child’s life.

Glaucoma Management

Detecting Progression in Severe Glaucoma

Observing and measuring change becomes challenging when the disease is advanced. Here's help.

Research Review

Review of Cornea & External Disease

The Forum

A Not-So-Slow Simmer

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

September 2022 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A man presents with a vitreous hemorrhage that warrants further investigation.