Oct 2010


Health-Care Reform and Ophthalmology: A Mixed Bag

While many provisions have yet to be resolved, here’s a preliminary look at how the Affordable Care Act could impact your practice.

The Femtosecond Revolution Comes to Cataract Surgery

An update on the three femtosecond cataract surgery systems, the surgical functions they perform, and how they might fit into the OR.

Diagnosing and Managing Ischemic Optic Neuropathy

The arteritic form is treated with corticosteroids, while there is still no widely accepted treatment for the nonarteritic form.

The Role of Nutritional Therapies in Preventing Macular Degeneration

Four prominent experts discuss the science, the challenges and the promise of using nutritional intervention against AMD.


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Technology Update

Fundus Photography on the Cheap

You may be able to purchase your next fundus camera at Best Buy.

Letters to the Editor

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

Drugs vs. Laser for RVO Disease: The Evidence

Recent trials have enabled an evidence-based approach to treating patients with retinal vein occlusions.

Plastic Pointers

Preventing & Managing Post-Surgical Ptosis

One in 10 ocular surgeries may result in ptosis. Here’s how to prevent it and how to treat it when you can’t.

Glaucoma Management

Neovascular Glaucoma: Can Shunts Help?

Drainage devices appear to aid in the treatment of this disease, but poor outcomes can still occur.

Therapeutic Topics

Drug Development: Old Drugs, New Formulas

Though drug companies rely on drug reformulations more than ever, these recast drugs can still be effective.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

Growing Indications for the Prosthetic Cornea

This device can be as cost-effective as a penetrating keratoplasty in treating severely diseased

Refractive Surgery

A Look Inside Ziemer’s New Laser Upgrade

The Crystal Line is an upgrade that may shore up an area some surgeons felt was lacking in the Femto LDV.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Resident Case Series

Short-duration blurred vision in one eye is the only notable symptom, but a dilated fundus exam reveals troubling signs.