Feb 2006

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Technology Update

What's Ahead for the Artificial Retina

Researchers continue to make incremental progress toward a marketable retinal implant.

Preserving Without Preservatives

A new eye drop dispenser design eliminates the need to add chemicals to prevent product deterioration.

Letters to the Editor

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

PDT or Anti-VEGF For AMD Treatment

What the clinical trials tell us about how to approach AMD treatment today.

A Step Closer to Fine-Tuned Refractions

The Calhoun Light-Adjustable Lens is set to enter trials in 2006.

Vitrectomy in Patients With Uveitis

A two-part series looks at the role of vitrectomy in patients with uveitis.

Glaucoma Management

Four Glaucoma Management Challenges

A specialist tells how he handles four difficult situations that can arise in clinical practice.

Study Design and Data Validity

Be cautious when basing clinical decisions on study results — not all studies are created equal.

Therapeutic Topics

Hormones in Dry-Eye: A Delicate Balance

How varying levels of hormones can have a noticeable effect on the eye.

Taking Steps Toward Better Compliance

A look at the impediments in the way of good compliance and how to overcome them.

Refractive Surgery

What's Next in Accommodative IOLs

New dual-optic, deformable and injectable IOL technology is in various stages of development.

Give Presbyopic Lenses a Postop Boost

A patient’s refraction has to be just right for him to get the most from a presbyopic IOL.

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