April 2017


Sizing Up Optical Biometers

Here’s a rundown of optical biometers that can help make IOL planning efficient and accurate.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Surprises

How to get to the bottom of postop refractive errors and manage them effectively.

Heading Off Preop Problems with OCT

Identifying retinal issues before cataract surgery can improve outcomes, especially for patients choosing premium IOLs.

How to Fight Insurance Companies—and Win

Surgeons share strategies for getting what you and your patients need from insurers.


Review News

Technology Update

Handheld Tablets and EMR In the Clinic

Managing electronic data during an exam can be done in a number of ways. Is a large-screen desktop the only way to go?

Medicare Q & A

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking

This month, we look at reimbursement considerations for this increasingly popular procedure.

Masters of Surgery

Resident Training: The Aravind Experience

The chief of a busy cataract department details how she trains residents.

Retinal Insider

OCT Technology: Will We Be “Swept” Away?

A look at the differences between spectral-domain and swept-source OCT, and the potential clinical benefits of swept-source.

Plastic Pointers

Stem the Tide of Excessive Tearing

Expert tips for diagnosing and managing patients who present with epiphora.

Glaucoma Management

What Causes a Sustained Post-injection IOP Rise?

A surgeon and his colleagues work to solve a mystery: why some patients develop chronic high IOP after anti-VEGF injections.

Pediatric Patient

Sixth Cranial Nerve Dysfunction in Children

The significance of sixth cranial nerve dysfunction, and how to catch it in time for management to be successful.

Therapeutic Topics

QoL Questions: Measuring Happiness

The importance of valid questionnaires when treating patients who suffer from ocular allergy.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

April 2017 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A visitor to the United States develops a mysterious case of unilateral ocular pain and blurry vision.