September 2010

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Technology Update

All Is Revealed: Beyond The 5-Percent Cutoff

The accepted definition of statistical significance can hide clinically meaningful data.

Retinal Insider

IV Triamcinolone and Ozurdex: The Evidence

Intravitreal drug therapy is becoming a staple of clinical practice with accumulating data to inform this approach.

Glaucoma Management

LPIs: Making A Good Thing Better

Although counterintuitive, placing an LPI temporally rather than superiorly appears to have several benefits.

Therapeutic Topics

Inflammation in AMD: The Root of All Evil?

Acute inflammation is part of normal healing, but chronic inflammation can cause serious and long-lasting tissue damage.

Refractive Surgery

When You Should Overcorrect a Patient

Performing two treatments on a presbyopic patient can increase his depth of field.

Product News

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Progressive night blindness leads a young man to Wills Eye Institute.