November 2008

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Technology Update

Diabetic Retinopathy: Automated Detection?

A worldwide competition is bringing together computer experts to help make early diagnosis a reality.

Retinal Insider

How to Recognize Ocular Syphilis

Despite a program to eliminate the “great imitator,” syphilis is on the rise in the United States.

Plastic Pointers

Approaches to the Malpositioned Lower Lid

Malpositions may have a host of causes. Here’s a look at the major ones.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma Risk: The Nutrition Connection

Evidence suggests that diet may have a significant impact on the pathogenesis of this disease.

Therapeutic Topics

Acanthamoeba: A Dangerous Pathogen

An in-depth look at the organism, how it causes keratitis and how patients can avoid infection.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

Getting at the Root of Vertical Diplopia

An ongoing look at the diagnostic challenges presented by patients with vertical diplopia.

Managing Serious Cases of Ocular Trauma

Three ophthalmologists share their experience and offer advice for diagnosing and treating severe injuries to the globe and orbit.

The Art Behind the Science of Dry-Eye Detection

Even with the established guidelines, evaluating potential dry-eye patients can be tricky. Here’s a look at one dry-eye expert’s methods.

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Perennial Problems

Experts provide insight into managing patients with such issues as brunescent lenses, floppy irises and loose zonules.

Refractive Surgery

Looking at Ectasia from Back to Front

A look at applying elevation topography to keratoconus screening and catching ectasia postop.

Considering LASIK after Radial Keratotomy

Though many surgeons opt for PRK, you can succeed with LASIK in a patient with previous RK. Here’s a step-by-step review.

Product News

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A swollen eyelid drives a patient to seek eye care and prompts a further workup.