June 2023


Glaucoma Drugs And Complementary Treatments

A look at the current treatment protocols and evidence for complementary therapies.

Is SLT Ready for a Leading Role?

With growing data bolstering its efficacy as a first-line treatment, some say SLT is the best approach for newly diagnosed glaucoma patients.

Advancing IOL Technology

Three premium IOLs were approved in the past year, advancing IOL technology and pushing patient satisfaction. Here’s the latest information about each new lens.

A Look at the Dry-Eye Treatment Pipeline

Companies and physicians are attacking ocular surface disease from all angles, from tear production to inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction.


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Editor's Page

Technology Update

Dry Eye: Artificial Intelligence Update

A round-up of the latest AI research in dry eye, from tear-film analysis to meibography and early clinical tools.

Medicare Q & A

Steering Clear of Kickbacks

Running afoul of laws regarding self-referrals and anti-kickbacks can result in heavy fines. Here's how to stay safe.

Retinal Insider

Pearls for Posterior IOFB Management

A discussion of the various types of intraocular foreign bodies, and how best to diagnose and treat IOFB injuries to the retina.

Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Managing Post-LASIK Pain

From dry-eye symptoms to severe neuropathic pain, refractive surgeons should be aware of these possible complaints.

Glaucoma Management

Conjunctival Dehiscence Repair

Manipulating friable tissue after tube exposure takes patience and meticulous dissection. Here’s guidance.

Research Review

The Forum

The Zeroth Law

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

June 2023 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A patient presents with a year-long history of decreased vision, eye pain and photophobia.