January 2016


Choosing the Best IOL For a Nonstandard Eye

Surgeons offer advice on which lens options are likely to produce better results in unusual eyes.

Can ‘Super Formula’ Increase Accuracy?

Building on earlier IOL power calculation formulas, this new approach adds a 3-D component.

Giving Multifocals a Second Look

How multifocal IOLs with lower add powers may be more useful to patients than higher-add lenses.

Presbyopic IOL Adoption Slows

Some surgeons say they may wait until better presbyopic options are available.


Review News

Technology Update

Breaking New Ground With OCT Technology

This technology is now being used to quantify rhodopsin, visualize retinal microvasculature and examine lacrimal glands.

Retinal Insider

A New Understanding of Vitreous Structure

Advances in imaging technologies are changing both the way we think of the vitreous and how we treat patients.

Glaucoma Management

Should You Try a New Glaucoma Surgery?

With new options available, surgeons have to decide whether it makes sense to incorporate them into their practices.

Therapeutic Topics

Neuropathic Pain: The Artifice of Dry Eye

A look at neuropathic pain and its relationship to dry-eye diagnosis and therapeutic strategies.

Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery Trends of the ISRS

The final ISRS survey ends on a sour note for LASIK volumes but a high note for surgeons’ confidence in the procedure.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

January 2016 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Progressively worsening vision in one eye and recent loss of vision in the other marks a patient whose history includes syphilis.