January 2003

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Editor's Page

Bottom Line

When Words Confound Patient Care

What value might the addition of Spanish-language capability bring to your practice?

Technology Update

Software Helps Spin Leads into Gold

Unique software for the refractive practice can help manage leads and business indicators.

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

Vitreoretinal Surgery Enters Near Era?

Less surgical trauma and more rapid recovery mark today’sretinalprocedures.

Plastic Pointers

Don’t Blink at Informed Consent

Make informed consent a patient education tool to help prevent malpractice suits.

Glaucoma Management

Flap Technique Addresses Bleb-related Hypotony

New surgical techniques can lead to new complications. Late hypotony in complicated blebs may benefit from this approach.

Therapeutic Topics

Mucin: What You Don’t Know May Help You

How the thinnest layer of the tear film holds promise in the fight against dry eye.

Refractive Surgery

What’s Qualitative Vision Worth?

A look at how the Visx laser targets qualitative vision complaints.

Research Review