Feb 2011


After the Hype: Which Presbyopic IOL?

A host of factors can influence with lens will work best for any given patient. Four experts share their thoughts.

Presbyopia-Correcting IOLs: Time to Revisit?

The newest versions are more forgiving and provide better visual results.


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Technology Update

Should You Cross The Sandy Bridge?

Systems controlled by Intel's latest, fastest microprocessor are hitting the stores. Is it time for an upgrade?

Medicare Q & A

What’s New for CPT Codes in 2011?

Many familiar codes are being left behind with the last year. Find out what changes the New Year is bringing in with it.

Retinal Insider

How to Diagnose & Treat Ocular Toxoplasmosis

T. gondii infection is the most common cause of infectious posterior uveitis in non-immunocompromised individuals.

Glaucoma Management

The Fine Art of Repairing Bleb Leaks

They're an unfortunate complication of trabeculectomy. But if managed effectively, a bleb may function for many more years.

Therapeutic Topics

A Guide for Breaking Down Blepharitis

An attempt to nail down a diagnosis and treatment for a disease that defies clean definitions.

Refractive Surgery

A New Approach to Femtosecond AK

Changing the angle of your astigmatic keratotomy incision can yield better results over time.

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