August 2012


DME: What Trials Tell Us About Treatment

Even though anti-VEGF agents appear to be effective, surgeons would like a long-term solution.

Managing the Retina ‘Epidemic’

With the increased use of anti-VEGF injections, retina practices are finding ways to squeeze in more patient encounters.

Treating RVO: Which Options Work Best?

Three experienced surgeons share their experience using anti-VEGF drugs, steroids and lasers to treat this condition.


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Editor's Page

Technology Update

How to Succeed with The LenSx Laser

Though the femtosecond laser automates several steps of surgery, it’s not foolproof. Here’s how to avoid complications.

Medicare Q & A

New Decisions Bring Continuing Changes

This mid-year update covers a variety of changes from DHHS and CMS that may affect your billing and your practice.

Financial Focus

Home Purchasing and Financing Strategies

Our financial planning for physicians series continues with a look at issues to consider when buying a home.

Retinal Insider

Infection: The Evolving Role of Antibiotics

Endophthalmitis prevention continues to spur debate in ophthalmology. A look at current policies and outcomes.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma and EHR: A Clinic Case History

In this instance, the switch to EHR went pretty smoothly—but tracking the details did reveal a few surprises.

Therapeutic Topics

Vasoconstrictors: Myths and Realities

The facts about how vasoconstrictors work and thoughts about mechanisms behind their purported negative side effects.

Cornea/Anterior Segment

Cataract Surgery in the Patient with Uveitis

These patients are at higher risk for postop complications. Here are steps you can take to improve their prospects.

Refractive Surgery

Overcoming Intacs Complications

There are several special maneuvers you can employ that will enable you to deal with intraoperative challenges.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

An apparently healthy young man experiences sudden decreased vision and seeks treatment at the Wills ER.