August 2011


Tailor Uveitis Treatment to Type and Severity

Because uvetis can be associated with many conditions, patients are often initially misdiagnosed.

Stopping Dry AMD in Its Tracks

A host of new treatment options are being tested—and showing promise.

For DME, One Size Does Not Fit All

Though anti-VEGF drugs are now key, there's still a place for photocoagulation.


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Technology Update

A New Way to Make Your First Mistakes

A simulated eye composed of resins and other materials can help beginning surgeons hone their techniques.

Letters to the Editor

Retinal Insider

Update on Anti-VEGF Monotherapy for ROP

Despite encouraging findings, it's too early to call for broad adoption of anti-VEGF therapy for retinopathy of prematurity.

Glaucoma Management

Evaluating Glaucoma: Treat, Test or Wait?

When it’s not clear what the patient’s status is, clinicians have to make some tough choices. Here’s help.

Therapeutic Topics

The Pros and Cons of Dry-Eye Tests

The various tests of ocular surface health can yield many insights, but they’re not perfect.

Refractive Surgery

The Corneal Route for Treating Presbyopia

Corneal inlays may give patients a removable option for dealing with their presbyopic eyes.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A gradual development of ptosis with no obvious cause causes this patient to seek treatment at Wills Eye Institute.