November 2017


Chasing Geographic Atrophy Treatments

There are a lot of potential therapeutic targets, but no clear winner has emerged.

Dysphotopsia: Not Just Black and White

Both positive and negative dysphotopsias can occur after perfect cataract surgery.

Staffing Essentials: Planning and Practice

A look into getting the most out of your staff and how to retain them.

Cataract Surgery with Co-existing Conditions

Other ocular and systemic problems can complicate cataract surgery. Here’s help.

Making the Most of MACRA

What’s happening now, and what you may need to consider for the future.


Review News

Ophthalmic Product Development Insights

Technology Update

Three New Surgical Tools Make Their Debut

A new drape, a set of handheld tools and a device to clean the air over the table may make surgery safer and more comfortable.

Retinal Insider

Retinal Detachments in Patients with Uveitis

Co-existing inflammation always makes managing ocular pathologies tougher. Here’s how to deal with it in cases of RD.

Plastic Pointers

Lacrimal Obstruction: What Now?

An in-depth review of the relevant anatomy and treatment strategies for lacrimal obstruction.

Glaucoma Management

Should You Touch That Trab or Tube?

Successful cataract surgery sometimes involves working around a pre-existing trabeculectomy bleb or tube shunt. Here’s help.

Pediatric Patient

How to Manage Pediatric Herpes Keratitis

Learn what makes cases of pediatric herpes keratitis unique—and use this knowledge to treat them appropriately.

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Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

November 2017 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A 25-year-old woman presents at Wills Eye Hospital with severe pain and blurred vision.