May 2011


ARVO Annual Meeting Report

A look at the highlights of this year's meeting.

ARVO: Restoring, Protecting The Ocular Surface

Stronger corneas, better surgical technique and pharmaceuticals continue to dominate corneal research.

ARVO: Retina Focuses On Anti-VEGF Drugs

Retinal researchers share their findings in diagnosis and treatment for a variety of conditions.

ARVO: Making Lenses Safer And More Effective

This year's studies provide new data on infiltrates, lens/eye interaction and Ortho-K.

ARVO: Cataract: Pushing for The Perfect Procedure

As another new technology aims to improve cataract surgery's safety, refinements in technique and lenses reflect continuing advances.

ARVO: Glaucoma: New Evidence, New Insights

Advances on many fronts continue to increase diagnostic capability and the safety and efficacy of treatment.

ARVO: The Changing Face of Refractive Surgery

The latest data on the new devices and procedures you may soon be using in your practice.


Review News

Editor's Page

Technology Update

Finding the Toric Axis (Without Pre-Marking)

An inexpensive, handheld instrument can help a surgeon identify an astigmatic axis on the table, saving time and effort.

Retinal Insider

Reducing MIVS Wound Complication Risks

Microincision vitrectomy allows for efficient surgery, fast recovery, reduced inflammation and good visual outcomes.

Glaucoma Management

The Fine Art of Managing Blebitis

Although rare, this complication calls for rapid and careful management. An expert offers his advice.

Therapeutic Topics

Dry-Eye Studies: Beware These Pitfalls

Everything from environmental and seasonal factors to the placebo effect can confound a study's results.

Refractive Surgery

P-IOLs Score High On ASCRS Survey

For the first time in the survey's history, phakic lenses have overtaken laser surgery for a segment of refractive patients.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A short history of blurred vision prompts a patient to seek an exam, which suggests 'debris' in the ocular media.