March 2023


Managing Irregular Corneas and Cataracts

Surgeons discuss how to get a cornea in the best possible shape before calculating IOL power.

Cataract Surgeons Look at New Approaches

Cataract surgeons share their thoughts on the go-to techniques for everything from managing astigmatism and breaking up the nucleus to managing postop inflammation.

IOLs & Cataract Surgery in Glaucoma Patients

These patients have more options today, but IOL choice and cataract removal still require a careful approach. Here’s guidance.

Treating Difficult Cases of Wet AMD

New options may turn the tide against tough-to-treat neovascular AMD cases.


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Technology Update

Tools to Lighten the Prior Authorization Load

Physicians and staff spend almost 13 hours per week on PAs, according to the AMA. Here are six tools that could help.

Medicare Q & A

2023 Update on Billing For Medications

Injectable drugs got some new rules and regulations in the new year. Here’s what you need to know.

Retinal Insider

Managing Retinal Complications of KPro

The device that solves problems in the front of the eye can sometimes cause other problems in the back.

Glaucoma Management

In Defense of Trabeculectomy

Why trabeculectomy needs to survive and how we can ensure its future.

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Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.