January 2011


Surgeons Are Impressed By Presbyopic Lenses

Presbyopic and toric intraocular lenses continue to receive high marks from cataract surgeons on our panel.

How to Take Toric Implants to the Next Level

A look at the surgical techniques and innovative technology that enable cataract surgeons to get the most from toric lenses.

Post-Refractive Cataract: Choosing Lens and Target

Calculating the IOL power isn't the only challenge presented by patients who've had corneal surgery. Four experts offer their advice.


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Bottom Line

Used Equipment: First, Do Your Homework

When buying used medical equipment, be sure you're dealing with a reputable company and you know what you're getting.

Technology Update

Computer-Guided Laser Photocoagulation

Applying the latest technology to retinal treatment may minimize error and make the surgeon's job easier.

Retinal Insider

Update: Pharmcologic Vitreolysis

Microplasmin may become a new tool in the armamentarium of retinal specialists.

Glaucoma Management

Advanced Disease: The Elephant in the Room

Despite the challenges of monitoring and treatment, these patients still need our help.

Therapeutic Topics

Making the Most Of FDA’s MedWatch

After a drug is approved, you and your patients are the last line of defense against adverse events.

Refractive Surgery

ISRS Survey Shows Growth in LVC

U.S. members of the ISRS weigh in on surgical volumes, flap thickness and tricky patients.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Eye pain and high IOP are troubling signs for this patient.