February 2010

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Technology Update

Vision Testing? There’s An App for That

Take advantage of the iPhone’s portability and turn it into a mobile exam lane.

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

DUSN: A Potentially Blinding Parasitic Infection

This form of uveitis is caused by ocular nematode infestation.

Plastic Pointers

How to Use Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

Facial fillers are one component of a synergistic approach to restoring youthful appearance.

Glaucoma Management

Beyond Compliance: Getting the Drops In

Studies reveal that even patients with the best of intentions often fail to instill drops the way their

Therapeutic Topics

A Fresh Perspective on Meibomitis

A look at the disease’s etiology, gland anatomy and which new treatments are showing promise.

Refractive Surgery

How to Change Your Tune to Allegretto

Advice from experts on what to expect should you decide to use the Alcon Allegretto laser.

The Evolution of the Femtosecond Laser

What began as a high-tech device for cutting a LASIK flap has developed into a versatile tool for reshaping the cornea.

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Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A middle-aged man presents with headaches, decreased vision and a “droopy” eyelid.