December 2017


Using Tech to Track Glaucoma Progression

Experts discuss the latest findings regarding how best to detect progression using visual fields and OCT.

Disability Insurance: What You Need to Know

How to shop for something you hope you’ll never need.

The Lost Art of Talking to the Patient

How to get physicians, staff and patients on the same page.


Review News

Editor's Page

Technology Update

Laser Focus on New Technology

An update on products for therapy and phaco that have been recently cleared by the FDA.

Medicare Q & A

“Targeted Probe and Educate” Reviews

How to protect yourself from the new TPE reviews.

Masters of Surgery

Mastering LASIK and PRK

An experienced refractive surgeon shares his top surgical pearls.

Retinal Insider

How to Manage Steroid-Refractory Uveitic CME

These cases can be challenging, but there are systemic therapies that have the potential to make them easier to treat.

Glaucoma Management

Don’t Be Fooled: Spotting OCT Artifacts

Numerous factors can cause your machine to produce a misleading result. Here’s how to identify bogus data.

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Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

December 2017 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A middle-aged man with a unique condition presents at Wills Eye Hospital’s Ocular Oncology Service.