December 2012


Using Smartgadgets in Clinical Practice

Today’s high-tech handheld smart devices have remarkable capabilities—and ophthalmologists are learning to take advantage of them.

Retina by the Slice: The Latest in OCTs

Retina tracking, new color modes and new anterior-segment features are some of the latest additions to OCT devices.


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Technology Update

An Objective Look at Dry-Eye Syndrome

A new test for the amount of the protein lactoferrin on the ocular surface might hold the potential for diagnosis and treatment.

Medicare Q & A

The Ins and Outs of Informed Consent

An effective informed consent process helps maintain good communication between the physician and patient.

Financial Focus

Planning Challenges For Younger Surgeons

Our financial planning series looks at repaying educational debt and what to do with retirement funds when changing positions.

Retinal Insider

The Changing Face of Treatment for DME

A look at the emerging therapies and best clinical practices in treating diabetic macular edema.

Glaucoma Management

Mitigating Iatrogenic OSD in Glaucoma

Pharmaceutical therapies can cause or worsen ocular surface disease. Here’s how to minimize the problem.

Therapeutic Topics

Bringing the Focus to the Aqueous

A look at the composition of our tears and the pros and cons of our current methods of tear measurement.

Refractive Surgery

LVC Volumes Plunge On ISRS Survey

The increase in volume that appeared on the 2011 survey turned out to be an unfortunate mirage.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Recent onset of sudden, painless and bilateral decreased vision brings a young woman to seek emergency treatment.